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Welcome to my page. I’m Michelle and I handcraft each piece of Blackberry Hare jewellery at my studio in the village of Pailton, Warwickshire. I live with my husband and our little boy along with our rescue cats and rabbits. The rabbits live the life of luxury in a bespoke shed in our garden (that they won’t share with me for my jewellery making!).


How did this all start?

In 2017, I took a short day course to make a silver ring with a local maker and have been hooked ever since. I love the hands on nature of making, along with the end product of something beautiful that I’m proud of. Also who doesn’t love bashing things with a hammer and using a blow torch!


My happy place

Making jewellery makes me feel happy. With a busy job in HR and chasing after a very active little boy, I wanted time back for myself and Blackberry Hare has given me a chance to do that.  When you purchase from Blackberry Hare, you’ll be giving a small business and a mum a small burst of joy.

Each item is handcrafted and finished by me and has a modern twist. My items are simple and tactile. I only sell items that I know are versatile, affordable, comfortable and practical to wear. You can enjoy and be proud of showing off your new jewellery.

All products are made of sterling silver only with resin, handmade lamp work beads, copper and rose gold accents.

It’s important to me to care about others, so I aim to be as environmentally responsible as I can. I use as much eco silver and packaging as possible and recycle my plastic materials.

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